The challenges of demographic change are enormous, as the future demand for care places in particular shows. This is primarily due to demographic factors, but at the same time there is also a need to catch up due to the modernisation backlog in many care properties. The market potential is large, but answers must also be found for the ever-growing group of people in need of care with low household incomes.

A presentation by Dr. Heike Piasecki on the occasion of the presentation of our forecasts can be found here.


A comprehensive study commissioned by Cureus from autumn 2021 will for the first time shed light not only on demographic trends, but also on the stock of care properties and construction activity. Topic:

"Analysis and future prospects of the German nursing care real estate market".

The most important result: If there is no more construction, there will be a shortage of around 168,000 nursing places by 2040.

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Together with our client Union Investment, we have produced another study. Topic

"Market overview of service living for seniors - definitions, characteristics, supply structures and demand in Germany (2021)".

The background: The majority of seniors cannot imagine moving in old age and would like to stay within their own four walls even in the event of care. But the reality is often different, because many households do not have access without thresholds or steps, so that alternative solutions have to be considered at the latest when mobility is limited. In recent years, a variety of concepts have become established. In the jungle of offers, it is often difficult to distinguish between them because there is no clear definition. In cooperation with Union Investment, we have therefore compiled a market overview to provide more transparency.

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