The 5 % Study 2019 – Where It Still Pays Off to Invest

The 5 % Study 2019 – Where It Still Pays Off to Invest

Desperately seeking real estate investments

With the valued support of the BEITEN BURKHARDT law firm and TLG IMMOBILIEN AG, bulwiengesa has analysed the yield potential of the German real estate markets for the fifth time. The 5 % study, published in September 2019, examines markets in terms of their earnings potential.

The results in brief

  • Investors accepting ever lower yields
  • Residential properties in A markets close to 2%
  • Offices in top locations offer hardly any protection from inflation
  • Only shopping centres are recording rising yields

Since 2015, the 5% study has been offering a compact overview of the market and providing a new approach for describing property markets. The study provides detailed information on real estate in individual yield areas such as "6 percent" or "4 percent" as well as extensive individual lists of A, B, C and D cities in the segments:

  • Residential
  • office
  • Shopping centers and retail parks
  • hotel
  • logistics properties
  • micro apartments,
  • Unternehmensimmobilien.

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Sven Carstensen, carstensen [at], Phone: (+49) 30 27 87 68 31

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