bulwiengesa Property Market Index 2017

bulwiengesa Property Market Index 2017

Low interest cycle, incoming migration, economic growth and record-breaking investments made the headlines in Germany's real estate trade media in 2016. In an amazing performance, the bulwiengesa Property Market Index has shown positive growth for 12 successive years now, and topped an annual growth rate of +3.5 % for the past 6 years.

The extended boom cycle is driven by the high demand for housing as well as for new manufacturing and production facilities. Real estate noticeably expanded its footprint as integral component of the world financial market. But the growth rate experienced during a boom cycle obviously differs from one real estate segment and one region to the next. So the question presents itself: which asset classes are driving the current market trend, and which regions or city types gain most from it?

  • The Residential Property Market Index clearly outperformed the Commercial Property Market Index, exceeding it by 3.7 percentage points.
  • While the price growth of residential real estate extends down to the level of the Class D cities nationwide, it is limited to conurbations in the case of commercial real estate.
  • The growth rates of the Property Market Index make inflation a negligible factor.

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