For private, public and municipal clients, we prepare retail concepts, market and location analyses, after-use strategies and advise you on all questions concerning retail properties and investments.

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Publications on the same topic

Here you will find studies and analyses, some of which we have prepared on behalf of customers or on our own initiative based on our data and market expertise. You can download and read many of them free of charge here.

The 5 % Study 2022 - where it still pays off to invest

bulwiengesa has analyzed the potential returns of the German real estate markets for the eighth time.

bulwiengesa Property Market Index 2022

No bend, on the contrary: real estate prices have been rising for 17 years

Market study transformation real estate

A study by bulwiengesa and Union Investment sheds light on the market for transformational real estate

News about the same topic from our magazine

For our magazine, we have summarized relevant topics, often based on our studies, analyses and projects, and prepared them in a reader-friendly way. This guarantees a quick overview of the latest news from the real estate industry.

No Panic!

The shocks in the global economy are having an impact on the real estate market. Inflation rates have been rising since the end of 2021 and it has become obvious that the lax monetary policy will have to come to an end quickly. However, we should beware of hastily constructed crash scenarios.

Constant to desperate

Apparently nothing can shake the domestic real estate market - Germany is and remains the place to be for investors. Especially flats, logistics properties and offices in top locations are in constant to almost desperate demand. In other segments, however, risk premiums have continued to rise. The current 5 % study shows potential returns

When Karstadt and Kaufhof close ...

Changes in ownership, state subsidies and new ideas have not prevented Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof from closing 41 locations. After all, the discussion about the future of city centres opens up numerous opportunities for department stores' properties. It is important to examine all uses without bias. A commentary on the future of department stores and a case study