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bulwiengesa is one of the largest independent consulting and analysis companies for the real estate industry in Germany. Project developers, property developers, institutional investors, banks, municipalities and property owners have trusted us since 1983.
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Chart of the Month May: Retail vacancy rates in German cities

How are retail vacancies developing? We have looked at the established retail locations in the metropolises of Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich and Cologne. We regularly survey the retail stock there and thus also the vacancy rate. The analysis shows: Vacancy rates have increased most significantly in the top retail locations.

Update hotel real estate

After two years of emergency, the hotel market is still far from pre-crisis levels. Now the situation seems to be improving in slow steps, even if the industry is still wavering between hope and fear

Six recommendations for commercial real estate

As "real estate wise men", we looked at office, corporate, logistics and hotel real estate for the Spring Report. And we made six recommendations for politics and business. Three of these recommendations have to do with sustainability

Chart of the month April: Share deals are the reality

Share deals are politically controversial, as no real estate transfer tax is payable on the purchase of large real estate portfolios. According to our off-market study for HPBA, about six out of ten transactions take the form of a share deal


bulwiengesa publications are methodologically robust and contain professionally in-depth individual analyses. Whether for strategy, presentation or marketing - in any case, study results must be understandable, relevant and comprehensible. Our entire team is committed to ensuring that they are.

bulwiengesa Property Market Index 2022

No bend, on the contrary: real estate prices have been rising for 17 years

Study on the future of the German care real estate market

Care real estate - A comprehensive study has shed light on the future of the German care real estate market

The 5 % Study 2021 – Where It Still Pays Off to Invest

For the seventh time, bulwiengesa examined the yield potential of the German real estate market.

Strategic Consulting

bulwiengesa is one of the major, independent consulting companies in continental Europe. For almost 40 years we have supported our partners and clients in real estate related questions. We offer sound data services, provide strategic advice and conduct bespoke surveys, analyses and valuations. Our clients are, among others, real estate developers, contractors, institutional investors, banks, local communities and asset managers.

About us

Knowing roots, making history. Our passion is the common thread between our beginnings and the future: data-based consulting was and is our core business. Because we have been familiar with it for a long time.



Intelligent data for clear decisions. Early recognition of trends and market potential is a decisive competitive advantage. RIWIS provides you with up-to-date, comparable and quickly retrievable data on topics relevant to the real estate market.


Massive shortage of care places by 2040

A comprehensive study commissioned by Cureus looks for the first time not only at demographic trends, but also at the stock of care properties and construction activity. The result: if no more building takes place, there will be a shortage of around 168,000 care places by 2040



Die Herausforderungen des demografischen Wandels sind riesig, dies zeigt vor allem auch der künftige Bedarf an Pflegeplätzen. Dieser ist überwiegend demografiebedingt, zugleich besteht aber auch ein Nachholbedarf durch den Modernisierungsstau vieler Pflegeimmobilien. Das Marktpotenzial ist groß, aber es müssen auch Antworten gefunden werden auf die immer größer werdende Gruppe von Pflegebedürftigen mit geringem Haushaltseinkommen.