Whether city hotels, holiday hotels or leisure properties: To secure investment and transaction decisions, our team prepares market and location analyses and advises you on all hotel property projects.

Contact: Dierk Freitag, Head of Hotel and Recreational Real Estate, freitag@bulwiengesa.de, Ph. +49 40-423222-22.

Publications on the same topic

Here you will find studies and analyses, some of which we have prepared on behalf of customers or on our own initiative based on our data and market expertise. You can download and read many of them free of charge here.

Investor study

For Akquireal, we have analysed the purchase profiles of real estate investors.

The 5 % Study 2022 - where it still pays off to invest

bulwiengesa has analyzed the potential returns of the German real estate markets for the eighth time.

The 5 % Study 2021 – Where It Still Pays Off to Invest

For the seventh time, bulwiengesa examined the yield potential of the German real estate market.

News about the same topic from our magazine

For our magazine, we have summarized relevant topics, often based on our studies, analyses and projects, and prepared them in a reader-friendly way. This guarantees a quick overview of the latest news from the real estate industry.

Chart of the Month February: Mixed Mood in the Hotel Market

Overnight stays recovered in 2022, with demand in German resorts again high. Nevertheless, the mood in the German hotel real estate market is mixed. Many households are saving, possibly also on holidays. At least tourism is finally returning to the cities

Update hotel real estate

After two years of emergency, the hotel market is still far from pre-crisis levels. Now the situation seems to be improving in slow steps, even if the industry is still wavering between hope and fear

Six recommendations for commercial real estate

As "real estate wise men", we looked at office, corporate, logistics and hotel real estate for the Spring Report. And we made six recommendations for politics and business. Three of these recommendations have to do with sustainability