Ongoing market monitoring Initiatives

Market Report of the Comparables Initiative

The Comparables initiative is increasingly gaining market relevance and was already able to map 8% of the total institutional transaction volume in the period 2018 to 2020. In total, the platform provides access to over 1,000 transactions with a transaction volume of over €26 billion. Transactions in A-cities and office properties are the respective defining features. Nevertheless, the Comparables initiative also offers a very broad spectrum of transactions geographically and across asset classes. In this way, the Comparables initiative contributes to the urgently needed market transparency, without which ESG goals are hardly achievable.

The yield level documented in the Comparables initiative is lowest in the A-cities with an average of 3.9 % gross initial yield and highest in the D-cities with an average of 6.2 %. In terms of property classification, yields were lowest for retail properties (Ø 3.4 %) and highest for industrial, production and logistics properties (Ø 5.9 %).


About the Comparables initiative

Transparent transactions, that is the goal of the Comparables initiative. Own investments or sales can be justified more soundly through better market comparison. The special feature: Only members have access to the web-based platform. All A, B, C and D cities are covered, each with all asset classes.

This transaction database is the first on the German market with exclusively real data. For the initial set-up of the web-based platform, the purchase and sales data of all members from the past three years were fed in. Reliable data is thus available on, among other things, type of use, property size, year of construction, income, purchase prices, yields and transaction date.

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