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bulwiengesa real estate index 2023

The bulwiengesa Real Estate Index 2023 describes the development of real estate prices in Germany for the 47th time in a row: real estate prices have been rising for 18 years now. Shaken by war, inflation, interest rates and fears of recession, the project developer and transaction markets came to a virtual standstill from the second quarter of 2022. Nevertheless, the bulwiengesa real estate index is able to continue its nominal growth course and falls only slightly short of the previous year's increase. However, a look at the inflation rate puts this result into perspective.

The most important results:

  • Real estate index rises nominally by 4.4 percent in 2022 and falls in real terms
  • Rise in residential purchase prices slows slightly
  • Commercial properties remain the driving force behind price increases
  • Another damper on 1a retail rents

Further information is available in the brochure as well as in the press release. For the purchase of individual evaluations and time series, for example of individual locations and asset classes, please contact us

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